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ANNOUNCING: Maximum Security Rebrand!

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We’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity. The update shows the evolution of our company since its founding in 2002. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed. 

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Founded in 2002, Maximum Security is a premiere security guard firm, serving the tri-state area of New York.


We take pride in serving our local community with top tier security guard services, supported by rigorous training and over 125 years of experience in law enforcement.

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By incorporating technology, Maximum’s guards have access to analytics and monitoring tools to protect your people, property and premises proactively.


Empowering our guards with technology enables us to expand our reach & improve security while drastically reducing security spend.

Our mission is to provide Maximum Security by Proactively Protecting People, Property & Premises.

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“The rebrand pays homage to Maximum Security’s roots while showcasing the progressive evolution of the firm. We have created a stunning visual representation that stays true to our mission and vision while showcasing our culture through our core values: Community, Learning, Excellence, Accountability, Relationships.” 

-Joanna Pawlowska M.S.,  Chief Marketing Officer.


We operate with CLEAR values that consist of:



·       We live in the communities we serve & have a true concern for the safety and well-being of the community. From the security solutions we offer to our participation with local charities, we place importance on consistent community involvement. 


·       Aided by 125 years of working knowledge in law enforcement & having extensive experience with local criminal activity allows our teams to have access to top security training. The Co-founders’ experience & training with the COPE (Community Oriented Policing & Enforcement) Division of the Suffolk County Police Department gives Maximum Security a unique advantage over other security firms to proactively address client needs while offering learning opportunities for our team. 


·       We ensure Proactive, Individualized Security Solutions. Every client we engage with is managed uniquely. We start by analyzing your environment & create an individualized security protocol, while determining where physical guard presence is needed & where we can save on cost by utilizing remote monitoring. Next, we match security needs with relevant solutions to ensure excellence in the final goal: Proactive Security Protocol. 


·       We accept responsibility and accountability for services provided & hold each other accountable for honest and ethical behavior. We also take accountability for ensuring not to lose sight of our local roots, as we expand nationally.


·       A key element missing from many security firms today is the personal involvement of its company’s owners. The founders of Maximum Security pride themselves in the trust we have built with our clients & being accessible, listening to needs, and having direct involvement with our clients and all team members in advising on security solutions.

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