COVID-19 & Construction: The Impact

The pandemic has brought with it a variety of extra concerns for contractors and developers. From the cost of heavy equipment and materials to theft, vandalism, site accidents, intruders, trespassers and weather damage; large construction projects carry a variety of risks which can severely impact the cost efficiency and completion of a project.  


Is Your Security Protocol Outdated?

Traditionally, contractors and developers have relied on physical guards to protect their assets but as the scale and scope of projects increase, on-site security guards become limited in their effectiveness to protect large, complex construction projects. Perhaps part of the problem is an outdated security protocol which focuses on a reactive approach.


Are You Willing to Put Your Reputation at Risk? 

There is also the element of cost. On-site guards are just expensive and due to the minimum wage increase, there is a desperate need for more cost-effective security solutions. Adding to the element of cost is the drastic increase of material expenses. If the materials are stolen, your timeline is impacted, putting your reputation and bottom line in jeopardy. Is that a risk you are willing to take?


The New Wave of Security is Here: Virtual Guarding

The increasing challenges in construction site safety have opened up the opportunity to create a new wave of security solutions. At Maximum Security, that meant exploring a better security protocol and arming our guards with better tools to proactively protect the variety of construction sites we have managed over the past 20 years. We knew that artificial intelligence would provide our guards with data needed to make better choices and in partnering with a technology firm, Virtual Guarding was developed.


Deter Crime in Real-Time

Virtual Guarding is like having a 24/7 security team. This innovative solution integrates on-site smart monitoring technology cameras with the human intelligence of physical guards that are located in a remote monitoring facility. The camera analytics arm our guards with information for proactively deterring crime as it happens and turns your security strategy into a modern, proactive protocol. 


Reduce Operating Expenses

Virtual Guarding is the optimal solution for contractors and developers looking to decrease their operating expenses. Since every on-site camera is turned into a security guard, watching your assets 24/7, the need for physical on-site guards decreases as do the costs associated with on-site security. Virtual Guarding allows you to have a pulse on limiting your on-site accident liabilities. You can utilize data for increasing operational efficiency through change processes. Best of all, there are no up-front technology costs.

Strategy is Key

Tools and a security protocol is important but having the correct strategy is crucial. Maximum Security believes that a one size fits all approach to construction site security will simply not work. Since our inception we have assessed the environments we serve to seek out construction site security solutions that help us best support our clients. We customize security protocols for our clients with the utilization of technology such as virtual remote monitoring and access control systems to best support the complex needs of our construction site clients while keeping costs low. 

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