Incorporating technology into a security program provides a value-added benefit that helps customize security services to unique needs of clients.

Some of the technological applications offered at Maximum Security are as follows:

  • Vehicle & Mobile Patrols Conducted with State of the Art Mobile App Guard Reporting System (SilverTrac)
  • Gate House
  • Traffic Law Compliance
  • Incident Reporting
  • Computer Database with Bar Code Scanning Capability
  • Video Surveillance Cameras
  • Traffic Control—Speed Sign & Radar Gun
  • Mobile Command Post
  • Cellular-Based Portable Alarm Systems
  • Wireless Perimeter Control
  • Unmanned Aerial Surveillance

Mobile &
Foot Patrol

Utilizing Silvertrac’s exclusive technology, we offer unparalleled accountability and reporting features to our clients. Our guards in the field can report incidents to supervisors; they receive tasks and alerts, and scan checkpoints all from site-specific and secure mobile devices. All checkpoint, maintenance, and incident issues are now able to be monitored remotely and in real-time. Dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators all have current data to proactively monitor and resolve any issues.


A company-developed and maintained system is offered exclusively by Maximum Security. Our gate house site access reporting system allows guards to enter each visitor into a secure database. Information about residents, authorized visitors, passwords for resident validation, emergency contacts, and more are available to the Gate House personnel. The system can even prompt guards to unauthorized visitors by name or plate number (an optional feature). A handheld scanner collects plate information.

Guards collect visitors’ first and last name and reason for visit. All data is then time stamped and saved for review, if needed.

Our central monitoring staff and supervisors have remote access to the security database along with active video monitoring of each site. This ensures that activity of the on-site staff is in compliance with our high level of standards for our clients.

Maximum Security, our mission is to provide and maintain effective, high-quality security services to ensure the personal safety of clients, protection of their property, and overall security of the community that we serve. 

We are different than other Long Island security companies as we provide personalized security services to a variety of different industries.

The company strives to deliver innovative, efficient, and cost-effective services, and is dedicated to excellence through professionalism and quality customer service. If you are looking for security guard services, investigation services, personalized security services, or security companies Long Island, then Maximum Security is the solution for you!

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We also provide remote security solutions nationally.