Guard More while Spending 20-50% Less with Remote Guarding


As operational expenses and crime increase, maintaining effective and adequate security becomes an ongoing challenge. Now more than ever, proactive security is critically needed to thoroughly and efficiently protect your community, business, employees, premises and property.

Maximum’s remote guarding solutions include LIVE 24/7 remote monitoring and applications such as Remote GateGuard & Remote LobbyGuard. These solutions protect your assets at a fraction of the cost of traditional guard services. 


Remote Guarding offers many benefits:

·      Faster, informed, real-time response

·      Automatic breach detection

·      No upfront tech costs!

·      Decrease false alarms

·      30-50% cost savings

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Gone Are The Days of Old, Reactive Security!

Remote Guarding is combination of monitoring technology with trained NY State licensed security guards ensures a smarter, proactive security solution with faster response time at a lower cost! Instead of reacting to crimes after they happen, we proactively deter crime BEFORE it happens! 

Let’s explore if Remote Security is a good fit for your specific security needs.We will gladly provide you with a roadmap for your specific security needs.  Book your FREE Consultation!

Remote Guarding I  LIVE 24/7 Remote Monitoring 

By turning each camera into a security guard, you are able to have many pairs of eyes across multiple properties. The analytics of Remote Guarding technology allow our guards to have access to concise data for determining the best course of response to suspicious events at a much faster response time. Remote Guarding decreases contact between the guards and residents or visitors, thus adding to compliance with COVID-19 protocols. 


Solutions include:

  • Event-Driven Video Monitoring
  • Multi-Phase Facility Monitoring
  • Monitored Access Control
  • Two-Way Communications
  • Intrusion & Fire Monitoring
  • Urban Crime Prevention
  • Virtual Concierge Service


Remote LobbyGuard / Remote Concierge & Doorman

From greeting and management of visitors and tenants to package handling, COVID-19 safety and securing your building, our Remote LobbyGuard solution is a great fit for property managers looking to increase customer service & efficiency at the building lobby.


Remote LobbyGuard services are more cost effective than traditional guards and provide your building with effective concierge. Our remote guards respond to visitors 24/7 and allow a more streamlined approach to recording who visits your building.


The visitor communicates directly with a security guard located at a remote site via intercom and two way communication.

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Remote GateGuard I  Gated Community Security

Remote GateGuard can augment your on-site security guard by employing state-of-the-art technology to live monitor your property from our fully staffed monitoring facility.  

This approach allows us to provide immediate assistance when any suspicious activity is detected, whether it’s via two-way communication, a dispatch of our own guards on site, or a notification to the police to be dispatched to the area.


Gated Communities benefit from remote guarding due to potential for decreasing HOA fees while increasing property values.

From event-driven and access control monitoring to urban crime prevention and virtual attendant services, our customized virtual guarding solutions can accommodate and benefit virtually any business type and size, all while reducing your security costs. 

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