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Remote Guarding s help you protect more properties and spend less on security.

Maximum Security forms Virtual Guarding Partnership with A+ Technology & Security Solutions

Huntington, NY | December 17, 2020: A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in security technology has formed a partnership with Long Island based security guard firm Maximum Security to deploy Virtual Guarding solutions. Virtual Guarding brings together the best assets of each firm to help clients Protect More and Spend Less. 

The partnership combines the latest monitoring technology with a live, certified guard response, offering firms the benefit of a more efficient, proactive security protocol and a reduced cost. For those already using guarding, this could offer significant savings by offsetting the need for many physical guards at a location with remote personnel reacting to events from a remote monitoring station. With this approach, clients can also secure much greater areas more effectively.

A+ Technology & Security Solutions brings to the partnership its advanced technology, state of the art Global Fusion Center, installation, and support teams to remotely monitor facilities. Utilizing artificial intelligence, recognition, and advanced analytics, the software deployed by A+ will trigger alerts on ”events” and ”environmental abnormalities.” 

Once the events are triggered, Maximum Security’s certified guards are engaged. Manning the A+ Global Fusion Center, Maximum’s trained guards respond to suspicious and emergency events while taking the appropriate course of action remotely. Maximum can respond audibly over the intercom, send voice/text or email communications, open gates, and doors, allow or bar entry, provide guard tours remotely, dispatch guards in the field, or alert local police.

“We always strive to achieve our vision of, Making a Smarter and Safer World,” said David Antar, President of A+ Technology and Security Solutions, Inc. “The partnership with Maximum Security does just that for our clients. With this combination of the latest in security technology and the dedication and commitment of certified guards, we can protect more while our clients spend less.”

“At Maximum Security, our mission is to provide maximum security to our clients by implementing the best tools and the best people to ensure the best security solutions for protecting our communities,” states Michael Mancusi, Founder of Maximum Security. “Partnering with A+ incorporates the latest in technology and allows us to provide a proactive security protocol for our clients.”

For further information regarding  A+ Technology & Security Solutions inc., Maximum Security, and the Virtual Guarding partnership visit or call 631-969-2600.


About Maximum Security

 In 2002, Maximum Security’s founders saw a big void in the security industry. Security was an outdated, costly, one size fits all service, which did not clearly address the individualized needs of clients. In recognizing this void, Maximum Security was founded on the principles of proactive, individualized security solutions, a focus on relationships and the community as well as continuous training.

Backed by over 125 years of law enforcement experience, today Maximum Security deploys 300 physical guards locally and in multiple states. We are the trusted security advisor for gated communities, property management firms, car dealerships, celebrities as well as the commercial, retail, hospitality, construction, and energy industries.

Maximum Security has shifted focus to expand its capabilities by utilizing monitoring technology partnerships. We arm our guards with advanced analytics for determining real-time security response, while providing customers with a more efficient security protocol, & reducing impacts on operational budgets. For more information:

 About A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc:

Celebrating our 30th year, A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc. is a systems integrator specializing in the convergence of physical security, A/V, LED, and IT infrastructure solutions, headquartered in Bay Shore, NY. Since 1989, A+ Technology & Security Solutions has been providing integrated solutions to schools, law enforcement, local, state, and federal governmental agencies, healthcare, and commercial organizations.

Working closely with local, regional and national clients, including the New York City Police Department, Suffolk County Police Department, Department of Homeland Security, City of Bridgeport, CT, City of Fort Myers, FL, numerous fire departments, and over 100 public and private schools in the greater New York area, A+ Technology & Security Solutions is widely recognized as a trusted expert in school and public safety and security, providing efficient and innovative solutions with a proven and vetted track record of success. For more information:

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Joanna Pawlowska

Chief Marketing Officer

Maximum Security


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