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Protecting Your TV & Movie Production Assets is Key!

From filming sets to concert venues, stadiums & museums, defending against theft, vandalism and the unauthorized or unintentional access on set is an ongoing challenge in the entertainment industry. There are many moving parts requiring protection such as the cast and crew, costumes, props, computers & camera equipment. In addition, paparazzi, fans or crowds that can begin to grow as curiosity & excitement develops pose specific risks for a security breech. 


Integration of Technology = Proactive Security Protocol 

A key differentiator when it comes to entertainment security is our inclusion of technology into security strategies. With the utilization of advanced artificial intelligence, backed by the human intelligence of highly trained guards, security is transformed from an outdated reactive process to a robust proactive security protocol. Virtual Security is also a great option for constrained security budgets, offering a 30-50% savings on security.

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TV & Movie Production Security 

Every production has different priorities & resources, requiring a robust security strategy. In addition, preventing & defending against security threats requires a security team with relevant experience and a deep understanding of security protocol required to manage so many moving parts. Maximum Security has the advantage of managing a variety of tv & movie production sets, including CBS, Sony Music Pictures & Kevin Can Wait & most recently The Crew.


Concert Venue & Event Security

Event security is complex. From crowd control to physical security protection for celebrities, and theft prevention of the production equipment, Maximum Security understands all the risks and focuses on an integrated strategy to protect all of your assets. We are the trusted security providers for The Paramount Theatre, Jones Beach Air Show, Suffolk county marathon, Tesla Science center event, Jurassic Experience.

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Over 125 Years of Combined Law Enforcement Experience

Backed by 125 years of experience, our customers choose us first because we have the situational experience to provide superior training for our guards. In fact, our founders place importance on staying closely involved with every single project to ensure that all security measures are deployed and that our clients have immediate access to their security team; should a security breech occur. Our experience includes:

  • Cast/Talent Protection
  • Crowd Control Management
  • Audience screening (metal detection)
  • Equipment Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Production Set Security / Overnight security
  • Traffic Management

Our Goal: To Provide You with a Security Roadmap!

Our approach is what sets us apart. We look at each project and define its individual needs, then we utilize an integrated approach to ensure that all security angles are covered. From on-site guards, to mobile patrol, foot patrol, and virtual guards; our security strategy ensures that every inch of property is covered. 


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Get a Free Consultation from trained Security professionals.