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Commercial Security Is Challenging

From car dealerships to hotels and office buildings, Maximum Security provides custom Commercial Security solutions for the many challenges faced by the commercial industry. We are committed to ensuring safety of your assets, property, 

employees and customers by providing an array of services 

for access control, loss prevention, intrusion protection and emergency response.


Commercial clients experience many vulnerabilities and unique circumstances such as criminal mischief, shoplifters, disgruntled employees, theft and vandalism. These risks warrant a security firm with a broad range of experience in managing commercial security issues. Perhaps an even bigger challenge is managing budgets that continue to diminish as we face the pandemic and its economic impacts.

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First Impressions Count!

Image is everything and first impressions start at your entryway. Our front lobby security guards provide impeccable concierge services to ensure a great first impression while keeping your facility safe.  Maximum’s guards are trained to proactively deter crime at your commercial office building while helping to enforce rules and policies.  Concierge services include package management, visitor and guest access control, customer service and management of reservations. We proudly serve:

  •       Retail Stores
  •        Car Dealerships
  •       Hotels
  •        Commercial buildings 
  •        Office buildings
  •       Professional buildings (doctors offices, therapy centers)
  •        Malls 

We Stay Closely Involved with Every Project

Backed by 20 years of security experience, our customers choose us first because we have the situational experience to provide superior training for our commercial security guards. In fact, our founders place importance on staying closely involved with every single project to ensure that all security measures are deployed and that our clients have immediate access to their security team; should a security breech occur. 

Individualized Approach for Your Specific Needs

Our approach is what sets us apart. From on-site guards, to mobile patrol, foot patrol, and virtual guards; our security strategy ensures a personalized & proactive security protocol by combining the best guards and tools for protecting your assets.

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 Our Expertise Includes:

  • Remote Guarding
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Unarmed or armed agents
  • Risk assessment survey
  • Safety seminars for their employees
  • Fire guards and Fire safety directors (FSD)
  • Access control systems / biometrics
  • CCTV
  • Fire Watch
  • Virtual Guarding / video monitoring
  • Employee identification (ID) systems
  • Perimeter and vertical checks
  • Managing issues with disgruntled employees
  • Optimized programs for day and night surveillance
  • 24/7 Emergency response 
  • Coverage for strike or civil unrest


Integration of Technology = Proactive Security Protocol

Another differentiator when it comes to commercial security is our inclusion of technology into security strategies. By integrating artificial intelligence with our trained guards, security is transformed from an outdated reactive process to a robust proactive security protocol. Virtual Security is also a great option for constrained security budgets, offering a drastic savings on security.

 Schedule a Security Cost Assessment Today!

As you can imagine, security is not a one size fits all service. Let’s have a conversation to explore the best approach for your specific needs. Give us a call today to schedule your Complimentary Security Cost Assessment with a trained security professional. The goal at the end of the consultation is to provide you with a security roadmap.  Call 1.888.575.7MAX to schedule your consultation.