Custom Security Strategies for Different Industries

At Maximum Security we pride ourselves on our ability to personally address each of our clients’ security concerns with the best solution. We collaborate with each client to customize a security strategy that meets individual needs. Here are some examples of industries we provide solutions for:

Maximum Security provides services that are specifically designed for our clients’ needs. We ask you to contact us to learn about how we can improve your organization’s security.

Better Security Services Through Direct Engagement

A key element missing from many security companies today is the personal involvement of its company’s owners. The founders of Maximum Security pride themselves in being accessible to clients, listening to their needs, and having direct involvement in making company decisions that attend to client concerns.

Aided by their working knowledge of the local criminal activity, and their recruitment of dedicated professionals, Maximum Security is able to provide high-level security service, showing the client that they are dealing with individuals who are truly concerned with their safety and well-being. 

The Co-founders’ experience and training with the COPE (Community Oriented Policing & Enforcement) Division of the Suffolk County Police Department give them a unique advantage over other security firms to proactively address client needs.