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Security Officers employed by Maximum Security come with a variety of work experience such as retired law enforcement officials, prospective law enforcement/fire service candidates, military servicemen, criminal justice college students, and individuals with prior Security Officer backgrounds.

All Security Officers receive the following hiring and training procedures:

  • Completion of job application with proof of citizenship.
  • Due Diligence check with New York State Department of Licensing Services.
  • Interview with General Manager.
  • Reference, DMV and Background checks.
  • Issuance and acceptance of Employee Handbook (handbook addresses company rules & regulations, standards of conduct, uniform policies, etc.).
  • Signing Confidentiality Statement in reference to information with computer database.
  • Supervised, on-the-job, site-specific training by Field Supervisors.
  • Annual In-Service Training.

Those individuals who are seeking a Security Officer license and employment with Maximum Security are enrolled in the Maximum Security New York State Certified Training Academy, where they must complete their required pre-assignment training course and are fingerprinted.
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Additionally, Maximum Security also offers Security Officers who are first aid and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) certified. For more information regarding our AED program please contact our office.

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