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Effective Construction Site Security is Critical 

Breaking ground on a new construction development is always exciting but also, challenging. The race to complete a project on time and within budget can be hindered by many factors including property damage, inadequate access control, lack of emergency response, theft of materials as well as expensive tools and equipment, vandalism & trespassing. Construction firms and developers are on the search for better security options to mitigate these risks.


Real-Time Security Monitoring at a Lesser Cost

We have found that many developers and contractors we serve continue to face the challenge of needing a more robust security protocol at a lesser cost when it comes to security. As operating budgets shrink, security becomes a serious threat to successful project completion. With this challenge in mind, Maximum Security developed Remote Guarding solutions to provide developers with options that are cost effective & more efficient. Virtual Security offers real-time 24/7 monitoring of construction sites at a fraction of the cost of traditional guarding.

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Better Emergency Response & Trespasser Prevention

The ability of our team to deploy fire watch resources as well as remote monitoring of your assets with advanced technology & analytics allows us to provide clients with real-time emergency response & real-time trespasser prevention. Virtual Guarding shifts security protocol from archaic watching of the recorded tapes after an incident, to proactive security; preventing the crimes before they happen!


Fire Watch

Fires in structures under construction accounted for $ 176 million in direct property damage annually between 2013-2017, including an average of eight civilian deaths & 52 civilian injuries ( These figures present potential for catastrophic consequences, from liability to demolition of a project. With Maximum Security’s trained Fire Watch guards, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your construction site property is thoroughly guarded,  preventing major damage & unnecessary expenses.


Limit Liability & Prevent Unnecessary Costs

Speaking of liability, 24/7 real-time monitoring and analytics play a crucial part in accident prevention. These tools provide data that can be utilized for increasing operational efficiency through change processes & can even assist with limiting weather damage at your commercial and residential construction sites.

construction site security

Strategy Is Key A critical success factor in protecting your assets is a security guard firm which understands that a one size fits all approach to construction site security will simply not work. That’s where Maximum Security fits. Since our inception we have assessed the environments we serve to seek out construction site security solutions that help us best support our clients. We customize security protocols for our clients with the utilization of a gamut of tools, including virtual guards, on-site guards, mobile patrol, foot patrol and often integrate technology such as virtual remote monitoring and access control systems to best support the complex needs of our construction site clients while keeping costs low.


Individualized Approach

A core differentiator is our approach to security. We look at each construction site individually; focusing on a strategy that best mitigates risk at each location we serve. Many elements come into play when deciding on a security strategy for construction sites. Some of the elements we consider include:

  • budget
  •  environment ( clear lighting, high traffic, high criminal activity area)
  • does the site require on-site or virtual guards
  •  what technology can we utilize to increase security & decrease cost


Communication Is Crucial

We have found that many of our clients choose Maximum Security because of our accessibility. When millions of dollars in revenue is at stake, our commitment to stay accessible to our clients has been a critical asset when working with Maximum Security. We are very focused on making sure that our clients have the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to security and can easily contact us at any given time. 


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