Car Dealership Security Solutions


Car dealership security solutions are in high demand due to an increase in crime. From theft to vandalism and trespassing car dealerships simply need better tools.  Current car dealership security solutions utilized by car dealerships to protect their premises include security cameras, alarms, and security guards. However, as costs increase, car dealerships are transitioning to remote guarding. 

Remote guarding, also known as virtual guarding, is part of our car dealership security solutions  that utilizes advanced technology such as video surveillance, motion sensors, and artificial intelligence to monitor and secure a property. Unlike traditional security methods that require on-site personnel, remote guarding can be done from a remote location, making it more cost-effective and flexible. Read on to learn about the benefits of our new car dealership security solution: remote guarding.

Cost-effective: Compared to traditional security methods, remote guarding allows security firms to decrease the need for on-site security guards, in turn, businesses save on costs associated with on-site security personnel.

24/7 monitoring: 24/7 surveillance of the property means that the premises are always secure. In the event of suspicious activity, the authorities are alerted promptly. The property is always secure, even when the owners or employees are not on the premises.

Quick response time: Since our security guards are monitoring the property in real-time, they can identify and respond to threats immediately in order to prevent potential losses and damage.

Deterrent to crime: Remote guarding permits visible security presence, which can deter criminals and prevent the occurrence of potential security breaches.

Flexibility: Remote guarding allows security personnel to monitor many properties with customized protocols based on the environment from any location without the need for on-site security personnel.

In summary, remote guarding’s benefit provide car dealerships with an advanced security protocol to help deter rising crime, while cutting the security expense. 

Our trained security professionals are currently offering complimentary security assessments for car dealerships looking to enhance their security measures. Reserve your spot today!

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car dealership security solutions
car dealership security solutions

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