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Inadequate security at the ATM Lobby places financial institutions at risk for robbery, ATM loitering, ATM skimming and in general, business interruption. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are a critical service and revenue generating function for financial institutions, therefore, protecting these assets is paramount in order to prevent business interruption. An additional risk for liability has increased at most ATM’s due to a spike in homelessness  at the ATM lobby, elevating concern for financial institutions.  


Combined, these risks have become a critical concern for financial institutions that operate ATM machines within ATM vestibules. In response, Maximum Security has utilized the Remote Guarding concept to develop ATMGuardian as a viable ATM lobby security solution; specifically for combatting vagrancy. 

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Remote guarding, also known as virtual guarding or remote video monitoring, utilizes advanced technology such as surveillance cameras, artificial intelligence (AI), deterrence speakers (to issue verbal warnings to deter potential intruders) & motion detectors to identify, deter and respond potential threats to the security of a location, such as an ATM lobby, from a remote location. Our system is on its own independent network and does not need access to the institution’s system network.



Maximum Security’s solution, Remote ATMGuardian, utilizes our licensed and trained security guards, also referred to as remote guards, to use live video feeds and other intelligence data collected ATM lobby to proactively detect & respond to potential security breaches and suspicious activity including vagrancy at the ATM in real-time.


Our ATM Lobby security operators are located in our local, NY based, UL certified Security Operations Center and are specially trained to efficiently and professionally expedite removal of unauthorized persons at the ATM.

atm lobby security



One of the main benefits of remote guarding is its ability to provide continuous, round the clock monitoring which means that your ATM lobby is monitored 24/7, including non-business hours where crime is likely to take place.



Remote guarding provides a more efficient approach to monitoring. Each camera is turned into a security guard, offering more eyes on your property and immediate response from our remote guards to deter crime or to contact local law enforcement for immediate assistance.



Remote guards reduce costs as opposed to physical on-site guards since less resources are needed to recruit, train and manage liabilities associated with workers’ compensation. Remote guards can monitor a few locations simultaneously, which results in costs savings for financial institutions with many branches. In addition, by accurately identifying threats, false alarms and associated costs are reduced.



With the data recorded by the cameras, the Remote ATMGuardian solution provides insight for investigating events, identifying patterns and can be used to optimize security protocols as well as the layout of the ATM lobby for future crime prevention.

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Remote ATMGuardian is a powerful tool for financial institutions wanting the most powerful ATM Lobby security solutions. From round-the-clock monitoring to cost efficiency and enhanced security, Remote ATMGuardian is the optimal ATM lobby security solution.


ATM Guardian is supported by a rigorously trained team of our best licensed security officers who have the training necessary to determine and appropriately respond to threats at your ATM lobby.


With advanced data analytics, your internal security team has valuable insight into safeguarding ATM lobbies as well as valuable insights into potential ATTM lobby changes necessary for protecting your assets.


Protect your premises, property and people from security threats with Remote ATMGuardian. As technology develops, Remote ATMGuardian will continue to enhance security at the ATM lobby and beyond. Schedule your complimentary consultation with our trained security professionals today.